Google is changing its default 2-step verification method

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Internet search giant


is going to make

phone verification prompts

as the primary 2-step

verification method

starting July 7 for all eligible users.
In a

G suite

update blog post, the company said that if a user signs in their

Google account

and is already signed in on a smartphone, they will be asked to follow phone prompts to verify the login attempt. “This will help increase account security while making it easier to sign in,” said Google.
Google also said that this won’t apply if the users use a security key to protect your account.
Calling these phone prompts more secure than text or voice codes as a form of 2-step verification, Google says that they are easier to use as it avoids requiring users to manually enter a code received on another device. “By making prompts the primary method for more users, we hope to help them take advantage of the additional security without having to manually change settings,” said Google. The company will still, however, give them the option to other methods of 2-step verification if they prefer.
For those who are not using this method already, after they enter their password to sign in to their Google Account, Google will send a "Trying to sign in?" prompt to every eligible mobile device where they are signed in. Through this prompt, users will know when and where their passwords were entered along with a confirmation that the sign-in was attempted by them.
The new default verification setting will apply only to users who have enabled 2-step verification. In the case of G Suite users, if an organisation has enforced the “Only security key” 2-step verification option for a user, there will be no change and the user will continue to be required to use security keys.

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