Google Chrome will not show parts of URLs in future

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NEW DELHI: Tech giant


is said to be testing ways to hide parts of a website URL in the address bar. The address bar in

Google Chrome

is said to show only the domain name in the future.
As reported by Android Police, the company might bring this feature in the next version of Chrome (version 85). As per the report, the upcoming feature is called ‘flag’ in Chrome developer terms.
The main flag found by Android Police is called “Omnibox UI Hide Steady-State URL Path, Query and Ref.” With this upcoming feature in place, users will be able to see only the domain name in the address bar of the Chrome browser.
Apart from this, the report also reveals the new ways in which the address bar will function in the future versions of Chrome. The report also suggests that the company will roll out this feature on an opt-out basis which means users will also be able to see the complete URL by clicking on the “Always show full URL” setting. Apart from this, users can also see the complete URL by hovering the mouse cursor in the address bar.
"We think this is an important problem area to explore because phishing and other forms of social engineering are still rampant on the web. Research shows that browsers' current URL display patterns aren't effective defenses. We're implementing this simplified domain display experiment so that we can conduct qualitative and quantitative research to understand if it helps users identify malicious websites more accurately,” said the report.
Recently, NetMarketShare reported that Google Chrome is the world’s most popular

internet browser

. As per the data, Google Chrome has 68.26% share in the web browser market among desktop users and the other web browsers are nowhere close to it. The second-highest market share is captured by Firefox that accounts for 7.2%, followed by Microsoft’s Edge with a 6.67% market share.

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