Google Chrome users can now directly link specific text on a page

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Internet search giant


has launched a new Chrome extension that lets users create URLs with specific text from a web page.The extension called ‘Link to Text Fragment’ is available on

Chrome web store

“This extension allows for easily creating a special link to the currently selected text on a page via the context menu,” said Google on the Chrome web store.
Once a Chrome user downloads this extension, they can create such custom links by selecting what they want to highlight and right clicking to find the ‘Copy Link to Selected Text’ option. Once they click on it, they can share it to any of the platforms.
When a user clicks on the link that was shared, it will open the link with the selected text highlighted in Yellow colour.
This extension may be useful in case you want to share a particular part of the web page and don’t want to take a screenshot for that or make the person go through the entire content in that page.
Google mentions that this highlighted text URLs will be compatible with version 80 and up of Chromium-based browsers.
This new Chrome extension is an extended version of the feature that the company recently added to its

web browser

. Earlier this month, Google rolled out a feature due to which it becomes easier to find the text that made you click on that link.
This essentially means that when you see search results on Google with links and small snippets of text, clicking on that link will show that exact snippet highlighted on that particular website.
The rollout of this feature was confirmed by Public Liaison for Search on Twitter.
“Clicking a featured snippet takes the user directly to the featured snippet text on the source web page. This happens automatically,” said Google in a support page.

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