Google adds Business Messages in Maps and Search

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Internet search giant


has expanded the functionality of messaging a business in Google


and Search.
“Today we’re expanding Business Messages in Maps and Search to support all kinds of businesses, and giving them the ability to integrate Business Messages directly with their customer service platforms,” said Google in a blog post.
Google has introduced new smart replies, visual product carousels, among other things to make it easier for business to talk to their customers. Google also claims that it will offer a smooth transition from automated replies to a customer service agent, “so that it's not disruptive when the customer messages a business.”
The internet search giant has already partnered with several organisations such as Woolworths,


, etc to try the updated Business Messages functionality. Among this, there is also India’s MyGov.
“MyGov, with partner, is providing help and answering live questions from Indian citizens about hours, COVID-19 helplines, and ways to volunteer and donate, for more than 11,000 food and night shelters across India,” said Google in a blog post.
Google has said that it is working on adding more ways for organisations to highlight this communications tool on Search and as a bid for that, will add it on mobile websites.
This feature is right now available in English only, however, is said to come to other languages soon.

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