Goof-up post-delivery: DNA test to settle parenthood of 2 newborn babies

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The conflict between two couples laying claim over a newborn male child, due to an alleged goof-up by a nurse in the district hospital of Bhopal, will be resolved through a DNA test based on the recommendation of an inquiry committee, as per the hospital administration.

According to the hospital known as Government Jai Prakash district hospital, a woman delivered a male child at 10.35 am on Thursday through a caesarean section (C-section), while another woman was to undergo a C-section (on another table in the same operation theatre) and who later gave birth to a female child at 10.53 am.

While families of both the women were waiting outside the operation theatre, a contractual nurse at the hospital came out of the operation theatre and handed over the child to the family of the woman who was yet to undergo the C-section.

The nurse realised her mistake soon after returning to the operation theatre and rushed back outside to tell the family that it was not their child, leading to a ruckus by the family holding the infant.

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“A three-member inquiry committee was constituted on objections raised by the relatives. The committee arrived at the conclusion that the woman who gave birth to the female child (at 11.53 am), operated upon by Dr Shraddha Agrawal, was immediately told about the gender of the baby. The woman too confirmed this before her family and also a police officer. But given the objections raised by her family, a DNA test has been recommended by the committee. The nurse Surekha Wilson has been shifted to another ward,” said an official communication by the hospital.

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A doctor at the hospital said, “Since both the women are to remain in the hospital for about a week for post-surgery care, the DNA test will be conducted on both the babies during the period and the issue will be resolved scientifically, most probably before they are discharged from the hospital. However, both the women have their babies with them and are breastfeeding them.”

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