Gmail users on Windows 10 Mail app report problems

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Windows 10

users who have synced the Mail app with their


account are reportedly facing problems with the app. Users reported that their mails are automatically getting deleted or the mails are getting moved to the spam folder. Several users claimed that the Mail app is broken but


is yet to provide any official statement on the same.
“I have a problem in that if I send from another device, the sent emails appear, but if I send from Windows Mail they are not there - neither are they in spam, or on any other device, but I know they have been received,” said a user on Microsoft Community.
Another user said, “Over the weekend, the emails that I have been sending have not been showing in my sent items folder, although sometimes getting through to the recipient, sometimes not.”
The Mail app has been acting weirdly for many users of late and in early June several users started to report about the same.
“The issue appears to follow an update to the app at the end of May which broke an element of Gmail integration. Users are also not able to connect the app with the Gmail service anymore,” as per a report by MSPowerUser, who were the first to spot this issue.
In order to fix this issue, you may want to delete the Gmail account from the Mail app and re-add it. Also, you can create filters to prevent certain mails from automatically getting diverted to the spam folder.
Meanwhile, Google is adding a new quick settings menu to its Gmail service that will give its users an easy way to customise their email inbox in terms of layouts, settings and themes. The feature will be made available to all G Suite customers as well as users with personal accounts.

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