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Gareth Bale is regarded as one of the prolific goalscorers in the modern era. Bale made a name for himself while playing for Tottenham Hotspurs because of his speed and ability to find the back of the net. The Welsh forward moved to Real Madrid in 2013 in a record-breaking deal at the time, and he has won a La Liga title, Copa del Rey and four Champions League trophies with the club.

But with Bale going through regular spells of injuries, and being an inconsistent member in the team, his relationship with the management and the fans have soured over the years. Yet, in a recent interview former Real Madrid doctor Jesus Olmo said that Bale is the best athlete he has ever seen in his career.

“Possibly the best athlete I’ve seen is Gareth Bale,” Olmo told Spanish outlet Ideal. “He’s a natural athlete capable of excelling at practically any sport. He has unusual genetics and athletic ability, and I would say technical ability as well.

“He’s the one who impressed me most in all aspects, although there is then performance, which comes about from different circumstances.”

In a recent interview on US golf podcast The Erik Anders Lang Show, Bale talked about the scrutiny he has faced from Real Madrid fans. “We get a lot of pressure every game. If you don’t play well, there’s scrutiny,” Bale said. “I’ve had 80,000 people in a stadium whistle at me because I haven’t played well. I’ve had it a few times! It’s not nice and it doesn’t do your confidence any good either.”

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