From 11% to over 50%: How India's Covid-19 recovery rate steadily improved in 2...

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India is the fourth worst-affected country by the coronavirus disease pandemic. The number of cases has already crossed the three-lakh mark.

However, there is a relief as the recovery rate has improved in the country. According to the Union health ministry data, the recovery rate has now crossed 50 per cent with 1,62,378 patients cured so far, leaving 1,49,348 cases active.

In fact, the recovery rate of Delhi and Mumbai is among the highest in the world. In New York, the worst-affected city in badly hit United States has seen 21.23 per cent people recovering from the disease. In New Jersey, this percentage is 18.88. In contrast, Delhi’s the recovery rate is 38.36 per cent and Mumbai has seen 45.65 per cent patients getting cured of the disease. However, the two cities have seen a wave of Covid-19 cases - Delhi recorded 2,224 cases on Sunday, the third consecutive day it has seen more than 2,000 new infections.

The health ministry said that the healthy recovery rate was a result of “timely case identification” and “proper clinical management”.

The recovery rate has been steadily increasing in the country. On May 19, India recovery rate from the coronavirus disease stood at 38.73 per cent. It improved to 40.32 per cent two days later - the first time India’s recovery rate crossed the milestone. Since then, it has been improving.

On May 31, the health ministry had announced that the recovery rate in the country stands at 47.76 per cent. It further improced to 48.19 per cent on June 2. It stood at 11.42 per cent on April 15.

India is faring much better than other worst-hit countries in terms of cases per million of population. India has recorded 234 cases per million of its population, the spread of the disease in other countries has been war greater - US (6,477/million), Brazil (4,004/million), Russia (3,625/million), UK (4,337/million).

India is also placed much better in terms of numbers of deaths per million of population, which is 7 per million of India’s population currently. Other countries like the US (355/million), Brazil (201/million), Russia (48/million) and UK (614/million), had posted a higher number of deaths in ratio to their population.

The health ministy said that Indian Council of Medical Research’s (ICMR) testing capacity for detecting Covid-19 cases is being ramped up continuously. In total, 893 laboratories - 646 government and 247 private - tested 56,58,614 swab samples till 9 am on Sunday (June 14) with 1,51,432 of them in the last 24 hours, the ministry said.

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