Food processing industry ministry launches FME scheme

5 months ago 24
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BATHINDA: Union food processing industries minister

Harsimrat Kaur Badal

Monday launched the PM Formalization of Micro Food Processing Enterprises (PM FME) scheme named as ‘

Sapno Ki Udaan

’ in a virtual conference from village Badal, expected to generate an investment of Rs 35,000 crore and provide employment to 9 lakh skilled and semi-skilled workers.
The PM FME scheme, launched as part of the Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan, will cover two lakh enterprises in five years and an outlay of Rs 10,000 crore has been fixed for 5 years. It will cover 6,700 units in


. The expenditure under the scheme would be shared in 60:40 ratio between union and state governments. The minister of state

Rameswar Teli

also addressed the virtual conference.
Harsimrat Badal

said the scheme involved adopting one district one product (ODOP) approach to reap benefit of scale in terms of procurement of inputs, availing common services and marketing of products. “The states will identify a food product for a district keeping in view the existing clusters and availability of raw material. The ODOP product could be a perishable product or cereal based product or a food product widely produced in a district and their allied sectors”. She said existing individual micro food processing units desirous of upgradation of their units could avail credit-linked capital subsidy of 35% of the eligible project cost with a maximum ceiling of Rs.10 lakh per unit.
Union Minister said the scheme placed special focus on capacity building and research. The NIFTEM and IIFPT, two academic and research institutions under the ministry along with state level technical institutions selected by the states would be provided support for training of units, product development, appropriate packaging and machinery for micro units. The union minister also announced extension of operation greens from TOP (Tomato-Onion-Potato) crops to all perishable fruits and vegetables. She said the objective of intervention was to protect the growers of fruits and vegetables from making distress sale due to lockdown and reduce post-harvest losses.
Harsimrat also stated that the ministry was also planning to start free online skill classes for SC/ ST entrepreneurs for providing e-learning. “MoFPI has identified 41 courses and job roles like baking, making jam and pickles for which access to digital content would be made available. Once certified, these entrepreneurs would have better employment potential, or they can start their own venture”, she said.

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