Flipkart quiz October 9, 2020: Answer these questions to win coupons, prizes and more

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daily quiz offers its participants a chance to win coupons, prizes and other gifts. The quiz starts daily at 12am. Similar to Amazon app quiz,

Flipkart quiz

too is an app-only quiz and is available on both Android and iOS running devices. In the quiz, players can also win Flipkart super coins as part of the quiz.
To become eligible for the quiz prize, participants need to answer all questions of the quiz correctly as one wrong answer can remove your name from the winner’s name list. Flipkart quiz comprises five questions. The quiz will continue till 12pm.
Here are five questions of today’s quiz along with the answer that may help you win super coins, coupons and other gifts.

The name of which of these IPL teams was changed in 2018
Delhi Daredevils Who was the first Indian captain of an IPL team to score a century?
Sachin Tendulkar The two top highest individual scores in the IPL have been recorded in which city?
Bengaluru Which of these IPL records is not in his name?
Fastest fifty Who among these has scored the highest runs in a single IPL season?
Virat Kohli
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