First VVIP aircraft 'Air India One' for President, PM to arrive today

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NEW DELHI: The first of the two VVIP aircraft

Air India One



, Vice President, and Prime Minister will arrive in India on Thursday.
"The Special Extra Section Flight (SESF) aircraft for country's VVIP is arriving today at Delhi's International Airport," sources in the government told ANI.
Earlier in August, contingents of senior officials of Air India, security officers, and senior government officials had left for United States to accept the delivery of the SESF or VVIP aircraft

Air India

"A joint team of senior officers from National Carrier Air India, VVIP security personnel and senior government officials are on the way to the US to accept the delivery of the VVIP's flight Air India One," top government sources had then told ANI.
Air India One is equipped with an advanced and secured communication system that allows availing audio and video communication functions mid-air without any worries of hacking or being taped," sources familiar with the details told ANI.
The VVIP aircraft B-777 is a replacement of wide-body aircraft Boeing B-747 jumbo aircraft whose call sign is Air India One. The interior design of the aircraft is very attractive, which was modified recently by Boeing, apart from other customisations.
"The aircraft has a big suit/cabin for the VVIP, a mini medical center has also been set up in the aircraft. It also has a standard space for the press. The rear seats are of the Economy class category while the rest of the seats are Business class. B777 aircraft can fly over 17 hours continuously," informed the sources.
Air India will receive the aircraft which will be later handed over to the Indian Air Force (IAF). After that, the new aircraft will be de-registered and fresh registration SOP will be placed in the process because the VVIP aircraft will operate under IAF.
Air India pilots will also be a part of the aircraft operating team till the IAF pilots gain expertise in handling the variant. Air India Engineering Services Limited (AIESL) will take care of the maintenance of the aircraft.
The new Boeing 777 aircraft for VVIPs guest is also equipped with advanced defence systems and will be operated fully by IAF pilots in due course of time.
The colour of Air India Boeing 777 had been totally changed including changes to the design of the aircraft as per the recommendations and further approval by the Prime Minister's Office (PMO).

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