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The number of coronavirus cases in India is very close to 4,00,000 mark. The country nears this grim milestone as a result of the spike in the number of cases in the last few days.

In fact, the latest 1,00,000 infections in the country have been recorded in just eight days. This is lower than the 10 days it took for the previous 1,00,000 infections and 15 days for the 1,00,000 cases before that mark.

The milestone of first one lakh cases was crossed in 78 days, after India imposed a lockdown to check the spread of the coronavirus disease. Experts say that India was able to control the early spike because of the lockdown, which was imposed in March when the country had just over 600 confirmed Covid-19 cases.

An analysis of the spread of the disease done by Hindustan Times shows that about 75 per cent of the total infections in India have been reported between May 19 and June 20.

The Union health ministry dashboard shows the number of cases in the country are 3,95,048. The number of active cases are 1,68,269 and 2,13,830 patients have been cured or discharged.

If we compare the infection data of last one month, the rate of samples testing positive has gone up from 4.6 per cent for the week ending May 17 to 7.8 per cent till June 17. The nodal agency for testing the samples in the country is the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) which has said that 6.3 per cent samples of the over 6.6 million samples have tested positive.

Out of these, 1,89,869 tests were conducted in the previous 24-hour period, ICMR said on Saturday morning.

The increase in the testing capacity, coupled with the rise in the number of patients being diagnosed for Covid-19, is an indication of the virus’ prevalence in India, experts say.

“It is only natural that if you test more, more people will test positive... India is currently at the ascending limb of the epidemic. We have not reached the peak [of infections] yet, and in this situation, this is what will happen (more people will test positive),” said Dr Lalit Kant, the former head of epidemiology and communicable disease at ICMR.

The spread of the disease, which originated in China late last year, crippled economies world over as countries put in place strict lockdowns and enforced social distancing norms to slow the infection’s rampage.

The pathogen, named Sars-CoV-2 for its similarity to the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome disease, has infected over 8.8 million people and claimed 464,294 lives globally.

Experts say the pandemic is now in its third surge of the outbreak – the first being in China, second in Europe and the US, and the latest thriving in Latin American countries such as Brazil, Peru and Chile along with India, Mexico and Russia.

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