"Fight Against COVID-19 Fine Example Of Cooperative Federalism": PM

5 months ago 28
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New Delhi:

The economic activity in the country has resumed as the lockdown restrictions are being slowly removed and its pace will depend on how well the spread of the infection can be controlled Prime Minister Narendra Modi said today at a meeting with Chief Ministers from 20 states to discuss coronavirus and the road ahead. His remarks on the economic revival come amid India and China's "violent face-off " in Ladakh, in which an army officer and two soldiers died and the Chinese side also sustained casualties.

"Almost all the offices are open now, people are out on road and market. Even minor negligence can cost us dearly," the Prime Minister said, adding India is among the countries that had the least deaths due to corona and the fight against COVID-19 is one of the "finest examples of cooperative federalism".

India, he said, is capable of managing a rapid revival of its economy. Already an increase is observed after decline in exports for the last three months.

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