FB Ireland alerts Maharashtra cops, helps save youth's life

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MUMBAI: The police, on receiving an alert from Facebook, saved the life of a 23-year-old from Dhule within an hour after he posted a live suicide attempt on social media on Sunday.
The youth, Dnyaneshwar Patil, was in an inebriated state and alone at home. In the past too, Patil has tried to end his life, said his mother, a home guard. Patil is a college dropout.
An official at FB’s Ireland office came across the live suicide post by a youth somewhere close to Mumbai and alerted cyber police DCP Rashmi Karandikar around 8.10pm on Sunday. Within 15 minutes, technical officer assistant inspector Ravikiran Nale managed to track Patil’s exact location and informed Nashik superintendent of police (SP) Chinmay Pandit.

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This incident underlines how social media, for all its real and perceived ills, can be used in a positive way. The Mumbai cyber cops reacted quickly to avoid a potential tragedy. Both need to be commended for a job well done.

“We had to act immediately because the live post showed the youth slitting his throat with a blade. Nale tracked the locality and shared it with the SP,” Karandikar told TOI.
Pandit said: “By 9pm, a Deopur police team reached the youth’s house and rushed him to hospital. He was given timely medical assistance for the cut which was not deep.”
“The SP has counselled Patil and advised him to get him a job,” said a police officer. Suicide prevention helplines and counselling help in preventing suicides, say experts.

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