Father's Day 2020: Top 10 picks for the best Father's Day gift

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Confused about what to get your father for ‘Father’s Day’? It can be daunting to figure out what to get for someone, especially when that someone has always been the one providing for you and taking care of all your demands. A bunch of flowers, gift cards or a quick run to the liquor store for his favourite brand of rum, seem like nothing when it comes to getting something for the person who has made sure you got your every need and want your entire life. But lucky for us, it’s the thought that counts. Here are our top ten choices for gifts that you can get for ‘Father’s Day’ on June 21st to make the best man in your life feel special –

Custom Bar Set and Glassware –

Having a set of engraved bar tools is any man’s dream, even if he is not a drinker. Your father will certainly use every given opportunity to show of the custom set you got him, to his friends, every time they come around for a nightcap. Many reliable websites will provide you with this service with just a customary search or if you prefer a more hands on approach, India has a blooming handicrafts industry that be suitable to you needs.

Single Malt –

This gift might perhaps be best shared between the two of you, reminiscing about how you used to steal liquor from him as a teenager and replace it with water. You might also find out how often you were on the verge of getting caught! Find out what flavours he likes or what brand he prefers, the internet is your oyster after that.

Beer Machine –

Certainly, one to make your Dad happy, a craft beer brewing appliance will add that extra kick to his summer barbeques. Most machines come with options to add your own extra flavours and choices between which type of brew to make.

Personalised Flask, Sunglasses Case or Wallet –

These are fairly small items but ones that are high in practicality and longevity. Though the custom of carrying monogrammed handkerchiefs and flask has become outdated, it adds a certain amount of romanticism to everyday objects.

Hand Crafted Leather Jackets and Shoes –

You might have noticed the old Harley lying around gathering dust or perhaps your dad is still an avid rider. He will surely appreciate reliving his glory days in a badass leather jacket. Handmade leather shoes will serve him well on formal occasions as well as in complementing his biker look. A lot of small business owners upload their catalogues online for perusal and willing take custom orders.

Leather Luggage –

Leather briefcases and duffle bags certainly come with their own elegant panache. Whether he uses it for his office or the trip he has been planning since forever, this is a perfect gift in practicality and style. And as is the case with fathers and leather products, they only get better with age. Pick local artisans to make your order in a reasonable price range and premium quality.

Engraved tools and Pocket Knife –

There are very few fathers that are not obsessive about their tools. They have to be cleaned and placed properly after every use, and we have all learnt that lesson the hard way! An engraved set will surely be a treasured item for him. If he is the sort that enjoys pocket knifes and multi tools, they come with their own engraving options. Quite a handful of websites serve this purpose now.

Poker Set –

As most Dad’s teach their children the subtle art that is poker, the life lessons imparted along the way add to the charm of that experience. This is another gift idea that can be enjoyed best when utilized together. In the immortal words of David Hayano, “Poker is not a game in which the meek inherit the Earth.”

Technology –

Whether your father is tech savvy or not, nowadays new technology is an infallible option when it comes to gifting ideas. From the latest smart phones and laptops to digital record players, there is bound to be something for every one’s needs. Most retail websites offer discounts for occasions such as ‘Father’s Day’.

Memorabilia –

Inside every rational adult lies the heart of a child that itches to play again. So, go ahead and buy that limited-edition light-saber or the original signed cricket bat or the Beatles bobblehead. After all no one is too old to have pretend sword fights.

If you are the creative type or just on a budget, building something yourself, like a shelf for his new tools or a lamp for his study might go a long way in making this day special for him, especially considering how him teaching you these skills paid off.

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