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June, being the Pride month, seems to be the apt time to reflect on the values of inclusivity, self expression and free spiritedness. This season an array of Indian and international labels have unveiled campaigns which depict same sex love, sexual diversity and catalyse the ongoing battle for equality. An international jewellery brand has unveiled a “Proud to be” campaign where they’ve featured love stories of their company’s employees. A panoply of active wear labels have unfolded merchandise in rainbow hues - from sneakers to gym separates. Designer Donatella Versace shared on her Instagram, “This year the Versace #Pride2020 capsule will help fund @prideliveofficial in the US...”

Back home designer Siddartha Tytler and Pranay Baidya’s recently unveiled campaign celebrate the spirit of pride and soft romanticism.  ”We wanted to keep the vibe of the campaign light, freewheeling and whimsical. Hence the imagery depicts free love and pieces are soft, ethereal, which is a complete departure from what we usually do. And we ended up airing it on social media in June which happened quite organically,” says designer Siddartha Tytler.  

Designer Pranay Baidya menswear collection of printed Chanderi kurtas is a visually sumptuous tribute to equal love.  ”I believe that in the end love always wins. The idea was to present a collection which is impactful to many, easy to wear and sparks off a meaningful dialogue. 2020, in wake of this global pandemic, is a year of reset, refresh and change. Each one in our communities across the world, also have an underlying obligation to come together, accept racial and sexual diversity, celebrate love, and be inclusive. 2020 is not cancelled.”  

Stylist Isha Bhansali observes that fashion has always been more inclusive compared to other industries. “It’s time to break the gay stereotypes and cliches with the power of styling and imagery. Not all homosexuals are in fashion or in other artistic fields and not all of them behave in a certain way. Also, there’s a biggest myth that all gay men are effeminate. People need to understand that they could be as macho as a heterosexual man,” says Isha.

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