Fake currency seized, Army man among six arrested

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PUNE: In an operation initiated by military intelligence, the Pune crime branch on Wednesday seized fake Indian and US currency with an estimated face value of Rs 55 crore from a rented bungalow at Sanjay Park in Pune’s Viman Nagar.
Genuine notes totalling Rs 2.5 lakh were seized, too, suggesting that the plan was to circulate the fake currency with real ones on top of each bundle. Six men, including Lance Naik Shaikh Alim Gulab Khan Sahab of the military band at the Bombay Engineering Group here, were arrested on suspicion of colluding to hoard the fake currency and circulate it later.
The other five accused were identified as

Sunil Badrinarayan Sarda

from Pune, Ritesh Ratnakar and Abdul Rehman Adul Ganik Khan from Kamote in Navi Mumbai, and Abdul Gani Rehmatullah Khan and Tufail Ahmed Mohammad Ishaq Khan from Mumbai’s Mira Road.
ACP Ashok Morale said the investigation so far had revealed that

Lance Naik Alim

brought the fake currency to Pune. “He had taken the bungalow on rent for Rs 23,000 a month from one Ganesh Shinde around eight months ago. He enlisted Abdul Gani to exchange the fake notes and USD in the local market on a commission basis. Gani got four others, including his 18-year-old son, on board to get customers.”
Morale said military intelligence officials had been monitoring Gani’s movements on suspicion that he was running a fake currency racket.


sources said the raid was based on a tip-off from military intelligence in J&K and the southern command.

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