Failed UPSC aspirant held for offensive tweet against 2 IPS women

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NEW DELHI: A failed

UPSC aspirant

, who had created two

fake accounts



to post offensive content about two senior women IPS officers, was arrested from her house in central Delhi on Sunday. The accused woman was preparing for the UPSC and saw the tug of war between paramilitary and IPS officers on social media which was when she decided to post offensive content against the officers.
Sources said that Sujata was operating two Twitter accounts through mobile phones, one by the name of @IRISHFOUNDATION and the other in the name of @uncivilservices, which was also known as 'crocodile publication'.
During an interrogation, Sahu told the police that she had been preparing for the UPSC for some years. She had been facing marital problems after which she took a divorce. "She had filed several complaints against her husband but no action was taken. While preparing for the UPSC, she developed an antipathy towards the women officers. She saw discussions going on social media and to vent out her anger against the officers, she started tweeting. She had created the accounts and the posts were later removed," said a source.
When TOI tried to check if the accounts were still active, they could not be opened. Two mobile phones and a tablet have been seized from her.

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