Faceoff: UK's non-recognition of Covishield creates storm on Twitter

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NEW DELHI. The UK government’s new international travel rules putting those who are vaccinated with Covishield in the category of the 'unvaccinated' have been blasted as "offensive", "bizarre" and "racist". The new rules mean people vaccinated in India will still have to home quarantine for 10 days in the UK when those vaccinated in scores of other countries will not.

Rajya Sabha member Jairam Ramesh tweeted: "Absolutely bizarre considering Covishield was originally developed in the UK and the Serum Institute, Pune has supplied to that country too! This smacks of racism."

Absolutely bizarre considering Covishield was originally developed in the UK and The Serum Institute, Pune has supp… https://t.co/Cd0LfXEz5A

— Jairam Ramesh (@Jairam_Ramesh) 1632111026000

While many Indians accused UK of being racist, others blamed Indian foreign policy for its "failed diplomacy".
'India should return the favour'

Fully vaccinated Indians travelling to UK will be treated as unvaccinated by the UK and will have to go through 10… https://t.co/mg8J8N1i71

— Rahul Shivshankar (@RShivshankar) 1632158045000

'Vaccine nationalism and bias sets wrong precedence'

UK decision to consider all Indians 2Xvaccinated with Astra Zeneca Covishield as “unvaccinated” is baffling & irrat… https://t.co/Tlfy9YoDOz

— Dattatri Salagame (@Dattasalagame) 1632188367000

'Bizarre and unfair'

Most bizarre and unfair. Covishield , Astra Zeneca’s vaccine,made under licence in India and even exported back to… https://t.co/RU3sxAckiW

— Dr.V.Mohan (@drmohanv) 1632191649000

'Like a mother not recognizing her child'

UK govt is not authorising Oxford AstraZeneca covishield as a vaccine made by Serum institute of India.It's like… https://t.co/AcMXkbusRN

— Rushank (@RushankSoni97) 1632200656000

'Discriminatory, arbitrary and exploitative'

UK's travel policy that doesn't recognize COVISHIELD is discriminatory, arbitrary and exploitative. India must appl… https://t.co/C5V2a7L1g0

— Rahul Shivshankar (@RShivshankar) 1632197319000

Many continued to get jabbed with Covishield undeterred

Covid-19 2nd vaccination dose complete 👍 covishield https://t.co/pIlP8D3cyK

— Ambika Verma (@AmbikaV57359085) 1632201559000

Covishield 2nd dose: ✅ #Vaccinated

— Bhavya Jha (@jhavyabha) 1632198360000

'Modi is incompetent when it comes to standing for India's interests'

Absolute incompetence in standing up for India’s interest by Narendra & @DrSJaishankar on the issue of the validity… https://t.co/1bYtu5TtjR

— Saket Gokhale (@SaketGokhale) 1632125930000

'Why blame UK'

Why are we blaming UK? Is it not a fact that people participated in Kumbh Mela with a fake Covishield certificate l… https://t.co/x5Pfpom7Dn

— Rajesh Kumar (@091Rajeshkumar) 1632216428000

'Problem is reliability of Indian Covid vaccine certificates'

The problem is not Covishield per se. The problem is the reliability of Indian COVID vaccination certificates and t… https://t.co/nUTn8xJsDq

— Jassi Khangura (@JassiKhangura) 1632157262000

Does UK deem Covishield vaccine certificate as fake because it believes every Indian can’t have a common photo of a… https://t.co/SjJZNbF9F4

— Rajesh Kumar (@091Rajeshkumar) 1632216051000

'PM must take a stand against this humiliation of India'

WHO has approved it too.A humiliation of India - the worlds largest vaccine manufacturer. Indian students & citize… https://t.co/6S0S4idPUH

— Anand Sharma (@AnandSharmaINC) 1632155280000

'It is not vaccine racism as Covishield is not swadeshi'

If British Govt blocks Covishield in travel rules , why are some Indian media houses denouncing the British for “v… https://t.co/EgpcmMTqID

— Subramanian Swamy (@Swamy39) 1632142290000

'UK has strong anti-India elements'

Glad you’ve done this.Believe UK wants Serum Inst to apply for approval of Covishield by its health authorities, de… https://t.co/SXKKWo36hO

— Kanwal Sibal (@KanwalSibal) 1632135956000

'Time for India's foreign minister to convey the outrage to his UK counterpart'

I hope @DrSJaishankar also conveyed the outrage in India over the bizarre non-recognition of the Covishield vaccine… https://t.co/CjKgVvw1BM

— Swapan Dasgupta (@swapan55) 1632199691000
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