Faceoff: Assam-Mizoram border clash sparks blame game on Twitter

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NEW DELHI. Six Assam cops were killed and around 80 people, including officials, were injured in firing by Mizoram police and alleged Mizo intruders along the inter-state border on Monday as a boundary dispute festering for 25-odd years escalated into full-blown violence involving security forces and civilians on either side.

Union home minister Amit Shah asked the chief ministers of Assam and Mizoram to find a solution to the border dispute, following which both the states agreed to resolve the issue and maintain peace, according to sources.

The tragic incident elicited a spate of reactions on Twitter. While many blamed central government's "weak leadership" for the clash, others said such hostilities in north-eastern part of India only benefit our rival China.

A tensed, war-like situation at the Assam-Mizoram border. Looks like the Government is taking ‘Make in India’ to new heights.

— Saniya Sayed (@Ssaniya_) 1627323384000

'Do we have a Home Minister?'

This is not Assam BJP Govt celebrating their win by bursting crackers. This is gun firing between two BJP states in… https://t.co/sOXhX0LRBb

— أمينة Amina (@AminaaKausar) 1627315681000

'BJP has failed to resolve issues between states it rules'

The @BJP4India has also failed to resolve the internal issue, despite having a government at the Centre and in the… https://t.co/x1vVFrXOoP

— Ria (@RiaRevealed) 1627367911000

'Such disputes benefit India's enemies'

5 jawans of Assam Police died in Assam-Mizoram border clashBoth states have BJP/NDA govtsEven today many Indian… https://t.co/yKw9olkn5t

— Anshul Saxena (@AskAnshul) 1627369485000

'No one questioning BJP'

In the last one month we have seen two BJP CMs change - Uttarakhand and Karnataka.BJP & ally state CMs are fightin… https://t.co/uAGRfwUhCd

— Priyanka Chaturvedi🇮🇳 (@priyankac19) 1627357543000

'Immediate probe needed'

Don’t understand why Assam Police is behaving as if inter state borders are international (hostile) borders. Were t… https://t.co/GXckcKuuzp

— Miani Shira (@ShiraMiani) 1627315391000

'Peace in north-east is a threat to China'

Is it a coincidence that the border dispute between Assam, Mizoram and Meghalaya has taken a violent turn after the… https://t.co/5MOkXa5cvP

— Sanbeer Singh Ranhotra (@SSanbeer) 1627310715000

'Seeds of hatred sown by BJP'

When did you last hear that police forces of 2 states clashed in our country, resulting in the loss of lives? The u… https://t.co/B3FvKyi3A5

— DK Shivakumar (@DKShivakumar) 1627371100000

'HM encouraging animosity and distrust'

Deeply saddened by the death of 6 police officers in the Assam-Mizoram border tension. It is unfortunate that inste… https://t.co/yXVEzHHbkT

— Leader of Opposition, Rajya Sabha (@LoPIndia) 1627358818000

Deeply painful & unacceptable !NDA-BJP Govts rule Assam & Mizoram & BJP Govt rules in Delhi.This is a clear fai… https://t.co/jGr9ykg9pJ

— Randeep Singh Surjewala (@rssurjewala) 1627311483000

'Death of democracy'

Under Modi Government's rule, India's democracy has been under constant threat.Yesterday, in a ruthless violence,… https://t.co/Hiae0oN8nj

— MLA Rafiqur Rahaman (@RafiqurRahaman5) 1627375198000

'HM must explain'

Deadly clash between Assam - Mizoram police could have been anticipated. Talks have been going on under MHA aegis f… https://t.co/PBdqJoU7QH

— Rahul Shivshankar (@RShivshankar) 1627358423000

'BJP is unable to govern'

Right from the loony tunes idea of demonetisation down to the mess happening at the Assam Mizoram border, this govt… https://t.co/DhvMSno0aT

— Ajay Kamath (@ajay43) 1627353024000

Death of 6 policemen in Assam-Mizoram border clash shows that even police is not safe under BJP rule- Fact that 2 B… https://t.co/ZfTbdIIdIJ

— Jaiveer Shergill (@JaiveerShergill) 1627356665000

'Such clashes happened even under Congress government'

1985. Naga-Assam clashes. At least 41 killed, 28 of them police personnel. 27,000 made homeless.Prime Minister: Ra… https://t.co/IL09zNCk55

— Abhijit Majumder (@abhijitmajumder) 1627367095000

'Utter failure of home ministry'

We are deeply saddened by the death of the 6 Assam Police officers who lost their lives to a violent conflict which… https://t.co/gsQO3Z3Y54

— Congress (@INCIndia) 1627315201000

'No foreign force caused this'

Assam has NDA Govt, Mizoram has NDA Govt, at Center there is NDA Govt and yet there is a violent battle being fough… https://t.co/OL5xtCgMwX

— Gaurav Pandhi (@GauravPandhi) 1627312120000

'Forget India-China war, civil war a possibility now'

Under the visionary leadership of Modi ji, Assam-Mizoram fought against each other in which 6 policemen lost their… https://t.co/Ye84YOYmXV

— Ankit Mayank #RG's बब्बर शेर (@mr_mayank) 1627316330000
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