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Social networking tech giant


is adding a new feature to its search tool that will fetch information from “publicly available data, including Wikipedia,” according to a report by TechCrunch. As per the report, the company confirmed that the updated version of the Facebook Search is piloting and is currently appearing for some iOS users as well on desktop and mobile web only in English.
The appearance of the information is similar to what we see on Google search result pages on the right side of the screen next to links. As part of this information, you will find a brief description and links to some related queries. For instance, when searching for countries, we found information such as capital, population, currency, borders, etc. On the other hand, looking for any person fetches results such as birthday, education and link to


Below this information, Facebook also shows a disclaimer that reads, “Content from the Wikipedia article licensed under CC-BY-SA.”
It remains to be seen how the new information panel develops in the future and whether or not it helps in fighting misinformation.
Earlier this month, Facebook rolled out its photo transfer tool — that allows Facebook users to move their photos and videos to Google Photos directly — globally for all its users.
Facebook users can perform this action through both the desktop and mobile app and once the transfer is completed, they will receive a notification on Facebook as well as an email for the confirmation on the same. Facebook right now has collaborated with Google Photos and plans to integrate with new partners.
For those unaware, the feature was very recently made available to Facebook’s users in Canada and the US. However, it was first announced last year in December as part of the company’s ‘Data Transfer Project’ announced back in 2018.

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