Facebook brings WhatsApp-like forwarded message limit to Messager to curb the spread of misinformation, fake news

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After bringing the forwarded message limit to WhatsAp, Facebook has now added the feature to its Messenger app...Read More

After bringing the

forwarded message limit



, Facebook has now added the feature to its Messenger app. The company says that this move is to provide people with a safer, more

private messaging experience

. This will also help slow down the flow of fake news, harmful content and misinformation.
As part of the new forwarded message limit, Messenger users can now only forward a message only up to five people or groups. Going forward, Messenger will show a popup notification saying ‘Forwarding limit reached’ while adding more people or groups in a forwarding list.
In its official blog post, Jay Sullivan, Director of Product Management,

Messenger Privacy and Safety

says, “We want Messenger to be a safe and trustworthy platform to connect with friends and family. Earlier this year we introduced features like safety notifications, two-factor authentication, and easier ways to block and report unwanted messages. This new feature provides yet another layer of protection by limiting the spread of viral misinformation or harmful content, and we believe it will help keep people safer online.”
For those unaware, the company first introduced the forwarding message limit to


in India back in January 2018 and slowly rolled out globally. Later the social media giant extended that feature for frequently forwarded messages to one person or group at a time.

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