Explore Map feature may come to Google Photos

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The Explore Map feature is expected to be launched along with the larger redesign version of Google Photos.





is working on adding a new feature to its


app that will add a new map-related feature to it, according to a report by 9to5Google.
As per the report, version 4.52 of the

Google Photos

app includes a development on “Explore Map” feature to “Explore your world.” The description reads, ”Relive the places you’ve been by exploring your photos that have location info, including shared photos you’ve saved. Your map uses location info such as: Your camera’s GPS, Your Google Location History, Detected landmarks.”
The report adds that the feature will be accessible from at the top of the Search tab and will include maps with hotspots on the top half of the screen and the images in the current map view at the bottom sheet.
The report says that the


Map is expected to be launched along with the larger redesign version of Google Photos.
Just last month, Google added a feature that made it easier for users to share pictures as well as offered them more control in the process. In a blog post, Google said that the default method to share an album through Google Photos is by adding the receiver’s Google account as it gives users more control over who’s added to the album.
This means that users no longer have to generate a link in order to share an album. However, Google Photos users will still get an option to share the albums they have created through links which can be shared through emails, text and other options. Readers must note that in order to make use of this feature, it is essential that the sender and receiver both have Google Photos accounts.

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