Etro Spring 2021 Menswear

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Today’s Etro show will go down in fashion history as the very first physical show held in front of an actual audience after the pandemic-enforced lockdown. Staged in open air in the garden of Milan’s Four Seasons Hotel, it was joyfully welcomed by the 80 mask-clad, safe-distanced guests convened at breakfast time over cappuccinos.

“We’re live and alive!” Veronica and Kean Etro exclaimed at an impromptu press conference after the show. They worked together on both collections during quarantine, which fueled even more of a spirit of collaboration than usual. Only recently did they decide to present them with an actual show. “It’s an act of courage that comes from the heart,” enthused Kean. “We wanted to bring back life and energy to our city,” chimed Veronica.

Hard-hit by the pandemic, Milan’s Quadrilatero shopping district, usually busy with tourists, is slowly coming back to its former bustling self—the Four Seasons just opened a week ago. “We’re born optimists,” they said. “Giving in to doom and gloom—not an option. And we wanted to kind of break the circle of solitude.” Soulful music was played live, with a soundtrack paying homage to the late Ennio Morricone.

The collections were entirely produced in Italy, where artisans and entrepreneurs were eager to restart and resume operations after months of working remotely. It was a creative and productive joint effort. “The sense of community was touching,” said Veronica.

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