Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson tests positive for Covid-19

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WWE legend Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson on Thursday revealed that he, his wife and his two daughters have all tested positive for Covid-19. In a video uploaded on Instagram, the former 10-time WWE Champion revealed that his family have been struggling with the virus for nearly three weeks and are currently in recovery.

“We as a family are good,” The Rock said. “We are on the other end of it. We’re on the other side. We are no longer contagious. And we are -- thank God -- we are healthy. We’ve gotten through COVID-19 stronger and healthier. Believe me, I am counting my blessings.”

The Rock is still regarded as one of the biggest superstars to ever enter the world of professional wrestling and he was the face of the company in the highly successful ‘Attitude Era’ of WWE. The Rock left the shores of WWE to build a successful Hollywood career, but kept returning to WWE for mini-feuds, the one with John Cena back in 2012-13 being the highlight. 

Speaking in the video, the ‘People’s Champion’ said that battling with the virus was one of the toughest phases of his life. “I can tell you this has been one of the most challenging and difficult things we have ever had to endure as a family,” The Rock said.

“And for me, personally, too, as well. I’ve gone through some doozies in the past. I’ve gotten knocked about and gotten my ass kicked a little bit in the past with some challenges. But testing positive for COVID-19 is much different than overcoming nasty injuries or being evicted or even being broke, which I have been more than a few times,” The Rock, known as the ‘most electrifying man in all of sports entertainment, further added.

The news of The Rock’s positive news came just a few days after the word ‘Jabroni’ introduced by The Rock during his WWE shows was added by Dictionary.com.

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