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Doctors in Jharkhand’s Dumka removed two cables of mobile phone chargers from a 35-year-old man’s urinary bladder, the owner of a private hospital said on Sunday.

The man, who is suffering from depression after his wife reportedly eloped, inserted the cables in his penile urethra after getting drunk around three months ago, doctors said.

Amita Rakshit, the owner of the hospital in Dumka, said the man came to the hospital’s outpatient department (OPD) on Thursday with a complaint of severe abdomen pain.

“The man did not mention anything regarding mobile phone charger cable to the doctors attending the OPD. He was crying and asking us to save his life. Then, the doctors sent him for X-ray and we were surprised to see two wires in the urinary bladder,” Rakshit said.

The general surgeon of the hospital, Dr Sunil Kumar, performed the surgery, which took around one hour.

“There were two mobile phone charger cables in the urinary bladder. Even though we did not measure the length of the chord, each chord will be around 1.5 feet,” Kumar said.

The man told the doctors that he had inserted the chord through his penis after getting drunk.

“Initially, I did not feel any problem during urination. After a month, I started feeling pain during urination, which turned unbearable later. But, I could not tell anybody about the reasons due to the social stigma attached to it,” the man told doctors.

The man had gone to Jharkhand’s premier hospital, Rajendra Institute of Medical Science (RIMS), in Ranchi for treatment but he fled as he feared he would face social criticism.

“The man might not have faced any problem initially, as there was still space to pass urine smoothly. Later, deposits started accumulating in the wire, which started causing blocking the urine path that caused pain. If it had remained in the body for a longer time, it could have damaged his kidneys and also caused cancer,” Kumar said.

The doctors said there could be two reasons behind the act by the man.

“The man might be a pervert suffering from depression as his wife reportedly eloped with another person. In a few rare cases, we have also seen that men do such an unusual act to have sexual pleasure. Under the acute influence of alcohol, he might have not understood the consequences,” Dr Kumar said.

Doctors performed the surgery without charging the man, who paints houses for a living.

A similar case was reported in Assam’s Guwahati earlier this week.

A 30-year-old man was operated upon after similar complaints of stomach ache and a nearly two-feet-long cable was found in his urinary bladder. The doctor, who performed the surgery said, the man had inserted the cable through his penile urethra.

He said the patient doesn’t have any mental disorder and indulged in the act only for sexual pleasure.

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