Dropbox may add a password manager to the app

5 months ago 28
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NEW DELHI: Dropbox has quietly released a test version of its upcoming

password manager

on the

Google Play

Store and

Apple App Store

. The app was first spotted by Android Police and it allows you to host

private credentials

and sign into websites.
The Play Store description of the app mentions that it is available only on private beta to some of the Dropbox customers. The company claims that the app offers password security by storing all your passwords in one place. Users can just fill in usernames and passwords so that they can sign in to websites and apps instantly.
The app allows users to easily create and store passwords as they sign up for new accounts. The app also enables users to access their passwords from anywhere with the help of automatic syncing to all devices.
The description page of the app reads, “Never get locked out of your accounts again. Using this new password keeper from Dropbox, you can sign in to your favorite banking, streaming, and e-commerce sites and apps—you can even shop and checkout securely.”
The Dropbox Password app claims to keep all the passwords and credentials safe with zero-knowledge encryption so the passwords remain protected from hacks and are only accessible by users.
Recently, cybersecurity researchers highlighted the need for storing passwords as they found out that 83% of online users are thinking up their own, weak passwords, while 54% say they are unaware of how to check if any of their credentials have already been leaked.
According to Kaspersky’s report, “With an increasing number of apps requiring them, it can be hard to come up with new ideas for complex passwords and keep them all in your mind especially when users may be required to change their passwords regularly.”

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