Dr Disrespect has an answer to Twitch ban

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Dr Disrespect

, who was banned from the


platform recently, has finally responded via


on why he was banned. If you were looking to find out the reason behind the ban, see if this answer answers your doubts.

Champions Club,Twitch has not notified me on the specific reason behind their decision... Firm handshakes to all… https://t.co/HuTOqsyBzG

— Dr Disrespect (@drdisrespect) 1593309817000

Did it? He just said that Twitch didn’t tell him why he was banned. After one full day of silence, this is the response. Twitch isn’t telling the reason either. The only thing that’s certain is the permanent ban and that his Twitch account is gone.
Twitch earlier just issued a statement to CNN’s Shannon Liao about the ban which goes like this: "As is our process, we take appropriate action when we have evidence that a streamer has acted in violation of our Community Guidelines or Terms of Service. These apply to all streamers regardless of status or prominence in the community.”
Some have even gone to say that Twitch is acting unfairly towards male gamers because it overlooked indecent behaviour by female streamers and is now not disclosing why Dr Disrespect was banned. But if it was something that was grossly unjust to the streamer, it is strange that he didn’t issue a statement or reach out to his social media handles immediately after the confirmed ban. He has taken a whole day to respond to this and the response too does not shed any light upon the reason behind the ban.
Esports journalist Rod Breslau (via Twitter) seems to have some clarity on the conundrum this case is becoming and it is an equally nonplussing one: “look: for several hours now I have been told from credible sources the reason DrDisrespect has been banned. however due to the importance and sensitivity around the subject I have refrained from going on it. i don't feel comfortable with it currently”.

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