Don't misunderstand party : Mamata Banerjee to disgruntled TMC leaders

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West Bengal

chief minister

Mamata Banerjee

on Wednesday reached out to disgruntled TMC leaders and said she will henceforth personally look after the party affairs as well as the administration.
"I am aware of those in touch with the oposition camp and differences among individuals should not lead to any misunderstanding about the party," Mamata said in her first major public rally here in the post-Covid time.
"I have been in


all my life. Through my experience I can never claim that everybody is good. There may be one or two people who are not good, but we will set right those mistakes. The TMC will rectify if some mistakes have been committed," she added.
"There can be misunderstanding or someone may be angry with some individuals, but please don't misunderstand the party for that," Mamata appealed.??
Mamata's outreach comes amid reports of some senior party leaders indicating that they are on their way out and is significant as several leaders have left the party.
Banerjee's comment follows complaints by several TMC leaders that the reins of the party is no longer in her hands.??
TMC, Mamata said, has a mechanism for seeking ground reports about its leaders and had removed several leaders against whom there were complaints.
"Some have grievances over who will act as the party observer of which district. I want to make it clear that I am the party's observer for the entire state. When you are in a political party you need to take everybody along," she asserted.
Disgruntled TMC leader and state transport minister

Suvendu Adhikari

is maintaining a distance with the party and has not attended meetings of the state cabinets for some months. Sources close to the leader said he is unhappy with the organisational rejig effected a few months ago and wasn't comfortable with the idea of scrapping the post of the district observer.
"I am occupied with the administrative work. But from now on, I will look after both - the party and the government. If someone thinks that Didi is not aware of their activities, then they are wrong. I am aware of everything", Banerjee, who is fondly called Didi (elder sister) by her party cadres, said.
"I want to say it clearly that I am very well aware of the intentions of those who are keeping in touch with the opposition camp. I know there are few opportunists, but the number is very less in comparison to dedicated workers," she said without naming anyone.
Adhikari has been conducting rallies and marches without party banners for the last one month. TMC has started backchannel talks with him to address his grievances but those have been inconclusive so far.
Adhikari apart from East Midnapore district, from where he hails, influences about 40-45 assembly constituencies of West Midnapore, Bankura,


and Jhargram districts which fall in the tribal Jangalmahal area and parts of Birbhum district.
It is not just Adhikari whose conduct is troubling the TMC top brass. Several other MLAs and leaders have also openly spoken against it, something which was unthinkable a few years ago.
Many disgruntled TMC leaders have pointed to poll strategist

Prashant Kishore

tasked by the party to strategise its campaign for the all important 2021 state poll.
Election to the 294-member West Bengal Assembly is due in April-May next year when Banerjee will seek to be returned to power for the thrid consecutive term.

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