'Do gaz ki doori' cannot become distance between BJP and people: Amit Shah

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Drawing from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “go gaz ki doori (a distance of two yards) mantra to fight against coronavirus, home minister Amit Shah on Monday underlined that it should not be seen as an attempt to put a distance between the BJP and its people. The minister has been conducting a series of virtual rallies to drive home the message of the government.

“Do gaz ki doori’ cannot put a distance between BJP and its people,” said Amit Shah at Odisha Jan Samvad virtual rally.

On Sunday he conducted ‘Bihar Jansamvad’, underscoring it is not a poll rally and added this virtual rally for the people of Bihar was to bring the country together in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

The BJP seems to be the first party off the blocks, giving a push to political activities with these rallies. The Congress, on its part, has been conducting various press conferences to seek answers from the government and suggest measures to fight the coronavirus pandemic. Rahul Gandhi, in particular, has been holding online conversations with experts to find a way out of the grave health crisis that has hit both the economy and the people.

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