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The New Delhi-Ranchi Rajdhani special train brought a single lady passenger to Ranchi in the wee hours on Friday, hours after every other passenger had deboarded the train--when it was stranded for several hours at Daltonganj station due to a sit-in protest on tracks--- in favour of a bus ride to the destination city.

The woman student refused to get down from the stranded train at Daltonganj railway station and board a bus to Ranchi—like every other passenger on the train—and instead chose to reach Ranchi several hours later once the train was allowed to resume its journey through a different route.

Nearly 900 passengers of the Ranchi-bound Rajdhani Special train were stuck at Daltonganj station for several hours on Thursday following an ongoing stir by the Tana Bhagat community at Tori railway station in Jharkhand’s Latehar district.

Every passenger except the woman was finally dispatched to the state capital by buses arranged by Palamu district administration. The woman stayed put in the stranded train.

The railway and civil officials said that the lady passenger, Ananya, travelling in B-3 coach refused to leave the train and board one of the arranged busses for further journey.

An official said, “She told us that she would not take a bus in any case. If she wanted to travel by a bus, why would she have booked a train ticket?”

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Finally, the authorities relented and let her continue her journey in the empty train that was getting diverted to Ranchi through another route. In addition, they deployed personnel of the railway protection force (RPF) and some lady constables to accompany her.

The train finally reached Ranchi via Gaya, Gomo and Bokaro, covering 535 km instead of the 308 km it would have travelled on its scheduled Barkakana route, blocked by protestors.

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The Dhanbad senior divisional commercial manager (DCM) AK Pandey, however, denied that the train was diverted at the insistence of the single lady passenger.

In a statement, Pandey said, “On the basis of pure technical reasons, the Rajdhani express was allowed to run to Ranchi via GAYA-GMO-BKSC. And the running of empty rakes via the diverted route has nothing to do with the demand of any passenger.”

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