Did you know this Harry Potter actor was arrested for rioting, growing weed?

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Actor Jamie Waylett, who appeared in the Harry Potter movies, has a history of run-ins with the law. Waylett played Draco Malfoy’s sidekick, Vincent Crabbe, in the Harry Potter movies, before he was removed after part six.

In 2006, Mirror reported that Waylett was photographed snorting cocaine, at the age of 17. In 2009, he was arrested for growing cannabis. He  pled guilty and performed 120 hours of community service. According to a Guardian report, ‘the cannabis cultivation was on a small, but sophisticated scale.’

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In 2011, the actor was captured on CCTV during the London riots, holding a petrol bomb in his hand. He was also seen drinking a bottle of stolen champagne. According to the BBC, Judge Simon Carr told him: “A considerable amount has been said about what happened over those few days. Anyone watching the footage in this case can only imagine the mayhem that took place on the streets. You chose to go out on to the streets on what was the third day of the violence. You were pictured on a number of occasions with a bottle full of petrol with a rag as a wick.” He was sentenced to two years in prison.

Waylett’s lawyer said that he’d become ‘a withered actor’ at the age of 22, for failing to handle fame. “Although he had the good fortune to be in the Harry Potter films, it turned out to be not so good fortune,” she said.

Initially considered for the part of Dudley Dursley, he was cast as Vincent Crabbe after an audition with director Chris Columbus.

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