Destroying the sinners is an act of virtue', reacts Chouhan, BJP leaders dubs video clip as fake

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BHOPAL: A day after leaked audio and video clips of

Shivraj Singh Chouhan

admitting they (BJP) toppled the Congress government on the instructions of party high command went viral, the chief minister defended his stance saying, “destroying sinners is an act of virtue”. The


leaders have, though dubbed the clips as fake.


ka vinash karna toh punya ka kaam hai. Hamara dharm to yahi kehta hai. Kyon? Bolo Siyapati Ramchandra ki Jai (Destroying the sinners is an act of virtue. Our religion says so. Doesn’t it?” tweeted Chouhan on Thursday amid

Congress allegations

over the controversial clips.
Chouhan's reply came amid a major political controversy after a leaked audio and video clip went viral on Wednesday in which Chouhan was heard saying that the party (BJP) high command had instructed them to topple the Congress government in

Madhya Pradesh

or it would destroy everything.
Chouhan was reportedly addressing BJP workers of Sanver assembly constituency in Indore on Monday when he was heard saying, “The Central leadership (of BJP) decided that the (Kamal Nath) government should fall. They (the

Kamal Nath

government) will ruin and destroy (the state). Tell me, was it possible to dislodge the government without Jyotiraditya Scindia and Tulsi Bhai? There was no other way.”
The “Tulsi Bhai” referred to in the clip is former health minister who joined the BJP along with former union minister Jyotiraditya Scindia. “In the coming bypoll if Tulsi Silawat doesn’t become MLA again, will I be able to remain CM, will the BJP government survive?” Chouhan had allegedly stated in the clip.
Reacting to the clip, former chief minister Kamal Nath had said that it exposed BJP's plot to topple his (Congress) government. "I have been maintaining from the beginning that there was a conspiracy to pull down my duly elected government. The (video) clip has established the same," Nath had reacted sharply, on Wednesday.
Meanwhile, former minister and close confident of Jyotiraditya Scindia, Tulsiram Silawat cleared his stance in the clip. Silawat said that everybody knows how and why the Congress government collapsed.
"It was Scindia ji who was instrumental in the formation of Congress government in 2018 elections. But, he was insulted and challenged. When he raised the issue of farmers, he was asked to take to the streets. So we did the same. Congress has nothing to talk about ahead of by-polls in the state hence, the clamour," Silawat told reporters at the BJP state head office on Thursday.
Former home minister and close confident of chief minister Chouhan, Bhupendra Singh dubbed the clips as fake. "This is all Congress' conspiracy. The audio and video clips being circulated by the Congress are fake. Congress is involved in negative political propaganda. BJP never tried to topple the Congress government. It was Scindia ji, who was insulted and his supporters decided to withdraw from the government. WE never tried to form government immediate after elections though, several MLAs had extended support to the BJP to form a government," said Bhupendra Singh.
The former home minister also hit out at the old party and said that it was Congress who tried to lure BJP MLAs Narayan Tripathi and Sharad Kol and still involved in manipulations, he said.

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