Democrats' Vice-Presidential candidate is Black-Indian American Kamala Harris: All you need to know

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Kamala Harris. (Credits: AP)

NEW DELHI: An outpouring of high praise, heady emotion and a sense of collective pride among people of colour is surging across internet chatter and media coverage soon after Democratic nominee Joe Biden announced Black and Indian American

Kamala Harris

as his choice of running mate to take on Donald Trump in the 2020 US election this November.
All you need to know:
* Kamala Harris, 55, quickly rose to become a top contender for the Vice President spot after her own White House campaign ended last December. But nine months later, it looks like that dropping out of the presidential race last year was one of her smartest political moves of the last 12 months.
* Harris was born in Oakland, California. Harris' mother is a Tamilian from South India and her father is Jamaican.
* If Democrats win, Harris will be United States of America's first Black vice president, its first South Asian American vice president and its first female vice president, who then will be in an excellent position to be the country’s first female president down the line.
* Although she considers herself Black, Harris has often spoken of her Indian roots, including visits to Chennai when she was young to spend summers with her grandfather who was a civil servant in the government of India.
* Her mother Shyamala Gopalan, was a breast cancer researcher who came to the U.S in 1960 to pursue a doctorate in endocrinology at UC Berkeley where she met Donald Harris, a Jamaican who was studying economics. Kamala has a sister, Maya Harris, who is also a political activist and has worked in the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign.
* The Harris sisters were brought up mostly by their mother as their parents divorced when Kamala was seven. Their mother passed away in 2009.
* Harris grew up between Oakland and Berkeley, spent time in the US Midwest and a few years in Montreal, where her mother was teaching.
* In the past two years, Harris has been visible to the American public mostly through viral clips of her tough-as-nails performances on the Senate Judiciary Committee.
* Although her Indian heritage did not appear to be a major factor in Biden's choice, there are significant Indian votes in some key battleground states, besides the fact that Indian-Americans are the best-educated and highest-earning ethnic cohort in America and have lately become politically assertive and putting in campaign bucks.

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