Deepika Padukone got angry at Ranveer Singh for chatting loudly with Ayushmann Khurrana:...

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Actor Ayushmann Khurrana decided to include Ranveer Singh on his Instagram chat recently. However, their banter was cut short when an irate Deepika Padukone told Ranveer to cut down on the screaming.

Ayushmann held an Instagram Live with his fans and got Ranveer to join in. The latter had just woken up from his nap and did not seem to be totally aware of what was happening. He showed off his long hair to the viewers and even Ayushmann got inspired to take off his hat.

As the two started laughing and chatting loudly, Ranveer suddenly looked away from the camera and got nervous. “OK bye bye bye. Bhabhi daant rahi hain, kehrai hai main zoom call karrai hu, chilla mat (Your sister-in-law is scolding me. She is saying I am on a Zoom chat, don’t speak so loud),” Ranveer told Ayushmann.

Ayushmann let him leave and told him, “I love you and I miss you.” Ranveer replied by saying, “I love you Ayush” and promptly quit the chat. “And he has left because bhabhi daant rahi hain usse (sister-in-law is scolding him),” he said in the video. Watch it here:

— RanveerSingh TBT | #83🏏♥️ (@RanveerSinghtbt) June 5, 2020

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Recently Ranveer did another Instagram Live with Indian football captain Sunil Chhetri. Deepika crashed the chat and wrote “I love you baby,” in the comments and when it ended, she wrote, “Well played boys!” She also pointed out that Ranveer was ‘terrible at math’, and that he ‘was a brat and still is!’

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Reacting to the comment on his mathematical skills, Ranveer said, “That makes us two. To all the kids who are facing constant pressure of maths, don’t lose hope. It will be great if you do it, but if you can’t it is not the end of the world. You can tomorrow find your passion, you can become Sunil Chhetri.”

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