Daylight Saving Time Stops Tonight—Here Are 19 Dreamy Dresses For Somnambulists and Romantics Alike

1 month ago 24
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The only place I’m traveling these days with an American passport is the good old Land of Nod. Yes, sleep is a welcome escape from pre-election and pandemic jitters. It also seems to be a preoccupation with designers, which makes sense with many bedrooms having become makeshift offices.

Interiors have proven inspirational for spring. The downy duvet got a makeover at Fendi and Jordan Dalah, for instance. Lounge wear might be trending, but spring is not a season of pajama dressing; flowing white nightgowns and sheerer déshabillés are the news. Borrowing from the boudoir, these looks are meant to see the light of day. There is a freshness to these frocks; many also have a cloudlike lightness. You might just call them dream dresses.

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