'Crorepati' Anamika surfaces, claims fraud

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LUCKNOW: The hunt for the "real"

Anamika Shukla

, the science teacher said to have simultaneously worked at 25

KGB Vidyalayas

and earned Rs 1 crore in 13 months, seemed to have ended on Tuesday and to the surprise of the officials, she turned out to be an unemployed homemaker.
A native of UP's Gonda district, a woman claiming herself to be Anamika Shukla, met the basic shiksha adhikari (BSA) and lodged a complaint with him regarding misuse of her

academic records

by multiple persons for getting employment in KGBVs.
According to her complaint, Shukla in 2017 had applied for the job of science teacher in KGBV in five districts - Sultanpur, Jaunpur, Lucknow, Basti and


- but never appeared for the counselling for the final selection. She claimed she did not take back her documents and they had been repeatedly misused by fraudsters. Shukla also said she had never worked in any KGBV.
Repeated attempts to contact Shukla proved futile as her mobile number mentioned in her complaint letter was switched off.
She visited the BSA office in Gonda after reports in TOI and other papers highlighting the case. TOI reported in its June 4 edition about one woman named 'Anamika Shukla' being found working in 25 KGBVs across the state as full-time science teacher.
BSA (Gonda) Indrajit Prajapati said, "She has been a housewife. As per her records, she's born and married in Gonda. All her education is from Gonda. As per her complaint of forging her documents, I have applied online for the FIR."
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