Covid-19: Number of cured patients nearly equal to active cases

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India is on track to achieve an important milestone in fight against the deadly coronavirus disease. The number of cured or discharged patients in the country is now nearly equal to the number of active cases.

According to the Union health ministry, the number of active Covid-19 cases in the country is 1,24,981 and the number of cured patient is 1,24,429.

The further narrowing of this gap will show that the spread of the disease is slowing down.

The rate of the spread of the disease has came down to 3.8 per cent in the last 24 hours, Hindustan Times’ Hindi language publication Hindustan reported. It was 15 per cent before the lockdown was implemented, it further reported. It came down to 4.8 per cent two weeks ago, and now stands at 3.8 per cent.

India recorded the deadliest day due to the Covid-19 outbreak, a compilation of data released by states showed on Monday when the fatality count rose by 342, taking the total number of deaths due to the illness to 7,476.

Monday’s jump in fatalities is only the second time the number has been in the 300s. On Friday, this number was exactly 300, the data released by officials across the country showed.

Maharashtra, which has the highest number of cases at 88,528, added the most number of new infections at 2,553. Mumbai, the country’s financial capital, alone saw its tally of confirmed cases crossing 50,000 and its death count reached 1,702.

Tamil Nadu, which has the second-highest number of infections, added 1,542.

Gujarat remained as the state with the highest fatality ratio, with 6.22 per cent of known infections having succumbed to the disease. The case fatality ratio in the national capital remained just below three per cent.

Globally, over 4 lakh people have died and more than 70 lakh have tested positive for the virus ever since its emergence in China last December.

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