Covid-19 instilled good habits, feel recovered old patients

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Novel coronavirus may have brought the world to its knees, but for some recovered elderly patients of Covid-19, it has changed their lives for the better in some aspects.

A number of ageing patients in Aurangabad, who have returned home after recovery, say that the infection has not only prompted them to inculcate good dietary habits, but also taught them to be open-minded towards the younger generation and adaptable to the changing world.

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Talking to PTI, a 66-year-old man, who was discharged three days back post-recovery, said, “Generally people of my age don’t like any changes in the lifestyle. But Covid-19 made me change some of my old habits. I had not changed my diet for decades, which was actually not suitable for my age.” “After the infection, I decided to change my diet and make it healthier. I also learnt to become adaptable to the changing situations,” he added.

A 60-year-old female patient, who returned home from hospital on June 1, says she does remember how she contracted the infection as she never left her place during the lockdown.

The woman, who is suffering from diabetes, said, “I have now decided to maintain more hygienic and healthier lifestyle. I have now started consuming some healthy food items, which were never a part of my diet earlier.

“I have learnt to ear right food as per the changing season and spending time with the self. During the treatment and the quarantine time, I also turned towards spirituality,” she said.

Another recovered woman patient, who is 61 years old, said that Covid-19 has brought several changes in her life.

“Generally, elders in any family expect others members to follow what they say. But we must realise that the younger generation knows the world around us better. So we should listen to them. I had ignored this aspect earlier,” she said.

“Secondly, the kind of food I consumed till I was found infected was the same that I used to have in my youth.

The eating pattern was also not healthy. But now, after recovering from the infection, consuming food only after certain gaps has become my habit,” she added.

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