COVID-19 Couldn't Affect India Gravely, Says PM Modi: Highlights

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Coronavirus: PM Modi said that even minor negligence can cost us dearly

New Delhi:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said India has not been affected gravely by the coronavirus crisis despite of the large number of cases. PM Modi also added that India is among countries having least number of deaths due to the deadly contagion but stressed that wearing a mask is "absolutely necessary" in these times. He also said India is capable of managing its economy which has been crippled by the pandemic and recovering rapidly.

Here are the highlights of PM Modi's speech today:India is among the countries having least deaths due to coronavirus.Even though there were a large number of cases, COVID-19 could not affect India gravely.India is capable of managing its economy in a rapid manner.Amid the coronavirus crisis, wearing masks is absolutely necessary.Our fellow countrymen have returned home in thousands from across the globe.Almost all railways and roadways have reopened.Almost all the offices are open now - people are outside on roads and markets.Even minor negligence can cost us dearly.Power consumption that was getting dropped is now increasing.Two-wheeler production is getting pace. An increase is observed after decline in export for 3 months.Many provisions made available to MSMEs under Atma-Nirbhar Abhiyaan.We have to work together so that provisions under Atma-Nirbhar Abhiyaan are implemented effectively.
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