Covid-19: 36% Indians plan to socialise over festive season, says report

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NEW DELHI: The October-November festive season has arrived and people who have been confined to the walls of their houses for the last several months due to the Covid-19 pandemic, might now decide to step out and socialize, sparking the fear of a large scale Covid spread.
Given the high spirits and positive sentiments that this time of the year brings with it, 36 per cent of Indians
might be getting ready to socialize, as per a survey done by the pollster LocalCircles.
As per the survey, three per cent of its respondents would attend private get-togethers, parties; 23 per cent said they will visit and have over close family and friends; while seven per cent said they will do all of the above. Meanwhile, 51 per cent said they will not socialize at all.
The prolonged impact of Coronavirus has meant that Indians have been avoiding get-togethers, meeting extended family and crowded places, but it looks like the chains are going to be broken during the upcoming festivals.
Given how the number of cases jumped from 4,000 a day to 10,000 in Kerala after Onam celebrations in September, analysts expressed concerns. Kerala government invoked Section 144 and banned the assembly of more than five people across the state throughout October.
The primary reason why people want to socialise this festive season is because of the enforced isolation with 17 per cent saying that it has been a tough year for them socially and being with family will cheer them up. Around 10 per cent said there will be pressure from their peers so they will have to socialize. Five per cent that they have already had Covid-19 so they are not worried about it and another five per cent were unsure.
With cases of Covid-19 almost at the 7 million mark in India, the ministry of health also released Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for the festive season. Prime Minister Narendra Modi too launched a 'Jan Andolan' for Covid-19 appropriate behaviour and said the government will launch an action plan with region specific targeted communication in high case load districts.
Over 28,000 responses were received from consumers residing in 226 districts of India. 69 per cent respondents were men while 31 per cent respondents were women. 58% respondents were from tier 1, 28 per cent from tier 2 and 14 per cent respondents were from tier 3, 4 and rural districts.

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