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The Union health ministry highlighted on Wednesday that despite rise in cases all over the nation, the states which account for the most number of cases and deaths have reported a fall in active daily cases trajectory along with fall in death rate.

The union health ministry during its briefing said that Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh contribute to 62% of the active coronavirus cases. Maharashtra’s coronavirus cases is 12% of the total active cases of the nation followed by Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

While pointing out that these states contribute to the active daily cases trajectory, the secretary of health Rajesh Bhushan also highlighted that over the past three weeks the rates of new cases have dropped. Tamil Nadu has registered 23.9% fall in the number of cases. Uttar Pradesh follows Tamil Nadu with 17.1% decrease.

He said, “Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Delhi and Andhra Pradesh have contributed to the most number of deaths. While these states account for more than 65% of the deaths there has been a decrease in the number of deaths over a period of three weeks.”

According to the health ministry data, Tamil Nadu has seen 18.2% fall in weekly decrease in case fatality followed by Maharashtra and Andhra.

Bhushan said, “Though Delhi has registered a rise in death rates but death rates have fallen in Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh over the past three weeks.”

During the press briefing the secretary of health pointed out that data needs to be seen not only in terms of daily rise in cases but data of how active case trajectory are falling across several states along with case fatality trajectory should also be seen.

The health ministry said as festival season begins it is necessary to follow all Covid-19 related precautionary measures.

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