Coronavirus Does Not Spread Through Animals: Centre

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COVID-appropriate behaviour which is in our own hands should be scaled up, centre said (File)

New Delhi:

The government on Wednesday said that coronavirus spreads only through human-to-human transmission and not from animals.

Addressing a press conference, the country's top officials dealing with the pandemic said that a combination of less cautionary measures and less immunity in the population from the first wave is driving the second wave.

"The virus is not spreading from animals. This is human to human transmission. Also, if you have been vaccinated, it is not mandatory that everyone will experience side effects like body ache or fever. If you are not feeling these symptoms, you can be normal, do your work," said NITI Ayog Member VK Paul in response to a question.

Mr Paul also said that the response to the changing virus remains the same.

"We need to follow the COVID-appropriate behaviour such as masking, distancing, hygiene, no unnecessary meetings and staying at home," he said.

He also said that it is a long fight against the disease and that the medical fraternity should come forward to help people who are dealing with coronavirus at home.

"Our request is that we need physicians' fraternity to come forward and provide teleconsultations to people and families at home who are infected with COVID-19. Doctors' associations could create a call centre where people know exactly who to call. We have to popularise this system. This does not need specialists; a general physician can also guide people. This is the need of the hour," he said.

He also said that it is the shared responsibility of the government and the people to suppress the chain of transmission of the disease.

"COVID-appropriate behaviour which is in our own hands should be scaled up. It is our responsibility that the virus does not spread from us to others," he said.

The comments from the government come days after reports that eight Asiatic lions at Hyderabad's Nehru Zoological Park have tested positive for the deadly coronavirus.

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