Congress tells PM Modi to 'condemn China's brazen occupation' in Ladakh

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The Congress on Saturday stepped up its attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the standoff with China in Ladakh as it underscored the various statements on the status on the ground along the Line of Actual Control (LAC).

“The Prime Minister should openly, publicly condemn the brazen Chinese occupation in Ladakh. I want the PM to condemn China. We will support the government. The PM’s statement that there was no intrusion is being used by China,” Sibal said in a digital address as he warned of China slicing away India’s border areas piece by piece.

“The PM in the all-party meeting said no intruders had entered Indian territory and neither was any Indian post occupied,” Sibal said as he warned that the PM’s status is in danger of being diminished because of inconsistent statements.

“There should not be any question when the PM speaks. What was the reason that he gave this statement. Was it because he was afraid that people would think that he could not protect India’s integrity? The PM’s statement is inconsistent with facts on the ground. It diminishes the status of the PM’s office,” the Congress leader said.

Sibal showed photographs to claim that the Chinese have intruded into several places in Indian territory.

“China has intruded 18 km into the Indian territory across the LAC in Depsang ….the Chinese are just 25 km away from the DBO airstrip putting it within artillery range,” he claimed.

Sibal said Chinese intrusion has cut off Indian army patrols at five patrol points in the Ladakhi outback along the LAC.

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