Congress poses 5 questions to Centre over India-China border situation

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NEW DELHI: After 20 soldiers killed in a violent face-off with

Chinese troops

in Ladakh, Congress on Sunday posed five questions to the Centre on the India-China border situation.
Addressing a press conference,

former Union Minister

and Congress MP

Kapil Sibal

said that China's "brazen" transgressions into India's territory in the Galwan Valley, Pangong Tso Lake Area and Hot Springs cannot be accepted.
He said that several security experts, retired Army Generals and veterans, along with Satellite Imagery have spoken about Chinese designed incursions into our territories along the LAC.
"The statement of Defence Minister, External Affairs Minister and

the External Affairs Ministry

Statement of June 17th, 2020 and June 20th, 2020, also clearly speak about these designed incursions on multiple occasions between April-May 2020 till date in the Galwan Valley, Pangong Tso Lake Area and Hot Springs. Let the nation not forget that Col.

B. Santosh Babu

and our 19 Jawans have made the supreme sacrifice defending our motherland," the Congress leader said.
"Let no one in the Central Government remain in denial. Until the Chinese retreat and status quo ante is restored, our Government should not let up or appear to cede any part of these territories to the Chinese," he added.
"Isn't the statement of PM an affront to the valour & supreme sacrifice of Col. B.Santosh & 19 Jawans who sought to evict the Chinese from our territory in Galwan Valley? Does the Govt mean that their sacrifice was in vain?" Sibal asked while quoting Prime Minister Narendra Modi's statement at the all-party meeting that "no one has entered our territories, no one is at present within our territory and no one has occupied our posts".
The Congress asked: "Is it not correct that China has never claimed Galwan Valley as its territory? Is it also not correct that China has now committed brazen transgressions into Galwan Valley?"
In another question, Sibal wanted to know why the government is denying "brazen Chinese transgression" while quoting the statement of Security Experts, Army Generals & Satellite Imagery depicting Chinese intrusion into Pangong Tso Lake upto nearly 8 Kms, construction of over 60 permanent structures, including bunkers and boat pads & occupation up to Finger 4.
"Why did the PM tell the All-Party Meeting that "no one intruded into our territory"? Why did PMO delete these words from the official statement? And if 'no one intruded into our territory', how did our 20 soldiers die? How were 85 jawans seriously injured and how were 10 officers and jawans captured by the Chinese? Why does the statement of the External Affairs Ministry dated June 20th, 2020, contradict the PM's statement on incursions by the Chinese?" he asked.
"Why is PM denying his own Defence Minister and EAM Statement that Chinese have sought to "erect structure in the Galwan Valley on our side"? Why is PM refuting the statement of Raksha Mantri on "Chinese presence in large numbers" and EAM's statement that we seek to restore "status quo ante"?" the former minister asked.
He asked if "no one has intruded into our territory" and "no one is occupying our territory", what was being erected by China or what status quo ante or disengagement we were seeking.
Sibal stated that the Prime Minister's statement at the all-party meeting is in contradiction of the statements made by the Defence Minister, Foreign Affairs Minister and the Army Chief.
"The entire nation stands solidly behind our armed forces and our Government in every step that they will take to defend India's territorial integrity. India' armed forces and the people of India will protect our territorial integrity with all our might. We will never compromise on issues of national security. Has not the PM's in a way endorsed the Chinese position that they never intruded into our territories?" Sibal asked.

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