Congress looks to cash in on 'anger against BJP' & convert it to votes

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NEW DELHI: Congress is searching for a strategy to turn the popular anger against BJP on critical issues into votes for itself, with an AICC brainstorming on Tuesday laying down the future political vision which is also an indirect acknowledgement that criticism over inflation, farm laws, weakening economy etc, has not shored up support for the leading opposition player.
The idea is that Congress should pursue public programmes like agitations on issues of common interest in such a way that they create a deeper imprint on people's mind for the party. An AICC panel to plan "sustained agitation on national issues", chaired by Digvijaya Singh, flagged inflation, unemployment, farm laws, national monetisation pipeline among a few others, as concerns which require intensive protests.
The panel unanimously felt that the party should perform better on the agitation front as its present strategy results in protests which are one-day affairs and fleeting in nature.
As a corrective measure, the panel members including Priyanka Gandhi Vadra argued that better coordination should be established with all Congress fronts and outfits and voluntary organisations, so that the protests have a focused approach.


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