Congress, Left slam remarks, Jagan & KCR back PM

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PM Narendra Modi

’s no-intrusion-no-encroachment-in-Ladakh remark touched off strong reactions from Congress, Left parties and Samajwadi Party, who said it will have serious repercussions for India’s

territorial integrity

vis-a-vis China. They cited China’s assertion over Galwan Valley following the PM’s remark to support their claim.
Congress leader

P Chidambaram

said, “The Chinese claim the entire Galwan and they are present there. The PM says there are no Chinese troops on Indian territory. Put the two statements together and the conclusion is a horrifying one. So, the government must answer the Chinese claim today and not wait until tomorrow.”
CPM chief

Sitaram Yechury

said, “Then there is no conflict? Why have our brave soldiers been martyred? Why this all-party meeting?” On the PMO’s clarification, Yechury said, “Modi should first make up his mind and then speak, unless his attempt was to mislead all the political parties and weaken our position in diplomatic talks…What else did the PM say in the all-party meeting last evening which he did not mean? Can we trust anything that was said on an issue of such strategic importance, if he changes his statements so quickly.”
SP president Akhilesh Yadav said, “The nation stands with the government against Chinese incursions. But was the incident in which our soldiers were martyred an incursion? If not, then why did MEA ask for status quo ante? Is the Galwan Valley Indian or not? We do not need clarifications. We need the truth.”
Chidambaram said the PM’s statement raised several questions: what was the June 15 clash about and on whose territory it took place, what were the two countries’ army commanders discussing if there was no intrusion, and why did the foreign ministry earlier demand restoration of status quo ante by China.

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