Congress: BJP selling ‘north-south divide’ toolkit

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NEW DELHI: Slamming BJP for accusing

Rahul Gandhi

of “belittling”

north India

in a remark in




on Wednesday said the ruling party was selling a “toolkit on north-south divide” to distract people even as there were voices from within over the controversial comments.
In contrast to the official rebuttal, the issue triggered murmurs within, with many suggesting that it lacked finesse.
A meet of G-23 was also reported by the media, though a member denied it. Rahul earlier this month invited criticism when he said that UP was riddled with caste wars and it was difficult to get work done there while it was much easier to talk policy in Kerala. Veteran

Kapil Sibal

, while refusing a direct comment on Rahul’s remark, said, “I can only say that the elector in this country is wise, we must respect her wisdom, wherever she may be located.
It’s the elector that ultimately votes for you and puts you in the saddle of power. We must respect electors in the country and we must not denigrate their wisdom.” While

Anand Sharma

said there appeared nothing insulting to any region in Rahul’s comment.

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