Congress axes Sanjay Jha as spokesman after column critical of party, China post

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NEW DELHI: Days after

Sanjay Jha

criticised the party in a column in the TOI, Congress on Wednesday sacked him as


spokesperson while appointing two others to the media panel. What appeared to have riled Congress further was Jha’s tweet on Wednesday on the Chinese aggression in which he diverged from the party line of seeking answers from the Modi government — a charge led by party chief Sonia Gandhi and

Rahul Gandhi

. He tweeted, “This is a time for great mature political consensus within India in responding to China’s dangerous aggression. I don’t care if Modi made several outrageous rhetorical comments against our Congress/UPA government in the past. We must rise. Let’s be different. Let’s be one.”
The decision to drop Jha clearly appears to be a disciplinary action in view of his critical comments in which he accused Congress of being rudderless during the corona


and of not filling the vacuum created by the inept handling of the pandemic by the Modi government. He had also lamented that Congress lacked any internal mechanism to address the complaints or consider the suggestions of Congress members. Meanwhile, Congress appointed local MCD councillor from New Delhi

Abhishek Dutt


Sadhana Bharti

as media panelists who will appear on television debates to put forth the party view.

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