Committed to Assam Accord, Says Chief Minister As AASU Releases Report

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Committed to Assam Accord, Says Chief Minister As AASU Releases Classified Report

The report was given to Chief Minister Sonowal in February for giving it to Home Minister Amit Shah.


The Assam Government has said it is "committed" towards the promise made by the BJP to implement Clause 6 of the Assam Accord that guarantees safeguard of the rights of the indigenous people of the state.

Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal said the BJP-led state government was taking sincere steps to free the state of illegal foreigners. He added that no government before his showed any interest to form a committee for implementation of Clause 6.

"The Central government is also taking steps in this regard. Therefore, without giving a definite timeframe, disclosing the report of the committee is very unfortunate," Mr Sonomal said in a statement today.

The statement came after Wednesday's sudden release of the Home Affairs Ministry's confidential report by the All Assam Student Union (AASU), which had led the anti-CAA protests in Assam earlier this year.

While releasing the report along with Nilay Dutta, the Advocate General of Arunachal Pradesh, the students' union had said they were releasing it only because the "government is just sitting idle... People deserve to know the contents of the report".

The AASU and the Advocate General are part of the 14-member committee that had submitted its report to Chief Minister Sonowal on February 25 for handing it over to Union Home Minister Amit Shah.

The committee has tried to address the definition of Assamese people, which was the bone of contention since the signing of the Accord. The report sought to implement the Assam Accord in letter and spirit, and also asked the government for prompt measures to seal the India-Bangladesh border.

In a press release today, the Chief Minister's Office said that even though the state government is battling against floods, erosion, landslides, storms, African Swine Fever, Baghjan gas well fire, along with COVID-19, it continues its efforts to implement Clause 6 of the Accord.

"The Assam government is committed to ensure implementation of Clause 6 of the Assam Accord... State government has been taking steps... through consultation and suggestion. It will also not do anything that keeps people in the dark," he added.

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